Have you ever wanted to catch up with friends but found it hard to agree on a date? Or organised an event only for people to not be available? 

The way we live and work is becoming increasingly complex and hectic. This often leads to a lack of social organisation and a failure to meet up with our friends and family. 

Our goal is to break down the barriers of organising social events, and in doing so help people spend time with those that matter. 

To achieve this we need YOU to help us start this journey! 


Your social hub.


Automatically sync to other calendars.


Easily view your upcoming events

Calendar Screen.JPG

Create an event.

Chat with friends. 

Create events with the plus button. 

Chat Screen.JPG

Generate a date. 

Rumble scans group availabilities & suggests suitable dates.

Just swipe and select. 

Date Generator.JPG

Vote on dates.

Check the groups preferences.

Vote or block as you prefer.

Cast Vote.JPG

Add to calendars.

Select the final date & add to your groups calendars.


Add Event to calendar.JPG

Discover upcoming events.


Scroll through the events tab to find something to do.

Select, invite & book instantly.