Revolutionise your social life.


The all-in-one social calendar app.

F  e a t u r e s 

Personal social calendar.

Your social hub.


User friendly home calendar.


Synced to all your other calendars. 


View and manage your upcoming plans. 

Set yourself reminders.



Stay connected. 

Create an event.

Chat with friends and family.


Create events in the group chat.  


One button instant group availabilities.

Select the days you prefer, let the group vote. 


Select the most popular date and

add the event to everyone's calendar.

Discover events.

Find something to do.


Browse through the events tab to find

restaurants, bars and more.

See what's available the day you're meeting

up and for number of people coming. 

Invite friends, link to your event and book

instantly in app and share to social media. 

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