The Social State.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Here’s a question for you… how many times in the past few months have you thought to yourself; “Crazy life we’re living in right?” or “This feels like a movie!”.

No doubt they’re valid reactions, these are fast changing times and we’ve been thrown into the deep end. There are no ‘how to’ guides or experiences to draw upon, so it is in moments like these that we look to each other and to our communities to figure out how best to respond.

But how has social media changed the landscape of these communities? We ask this question because social media has become so engrained in the fabric of our society, that we rarely step back to look at what it has become, let alone question it’s influence.

It’s definitely here to stay, that much is for certain. This isn’t a millennial fad. You could argue that trends come and go within it — think about the rise and fall of Vine, the last time you sent an MSN message, or on the flipside where TikTok is currently reigning. But whichever way you look at it, we all know our communities have transitioned into the digital space.

Naturally, this transition comes with its pros and cons. Upsides are obvious, we can now connect with anyone across the world at any given time, share our experiences and follow celebrities that were once out of touch. However, the downsides are often more subtle, overlooked and reach far deeper into our psyche than we’d like to think.

As somebody once said “We moved from villages, to towns, to cities, and then to Facebook”

It’s not all bad though.

During lockdown, we have seen social media (for the most part) put its best foot forward, with people being refreshingly creative with how they are using it. Whether it’s viral videos of work calls gone wrong, Zoom quiz nights, or people dusting off their aprons to try new recipes and engage in passive aggressive competition with loved ones online… it’s all healthy. Healthy in the sense that whilst we have been told to lock ourselves away, we have been connecting with the outside world, sharing our experiences and keeping ourselves busy. All so that this crazy life we’re living in; the one that feels like a movie, is a little more bearable.

We don’t think it will stop there either. As the world begins to lift its head, the team at Rumble is hoping that social media will also be a part of the publics campaign towards normalcy. But perhaps not in the way you may have thought.

As social distancing rules are safely and slowly eased, we anticipate a monumental surge in backdated social plans across the world.

Whether it’s the countless drinks you’ve promised, overdue birthday celebrations, or just re-connecting with friends and loved ones, organising all of these plans is going to be an ordeal, and it’s not like it was easy before!

At Rumble we believe the way we organise social events is broken. As far as we can see, most social events begin their life as debating societies on messenger apps. Each member joins the conversation and proceeds to jostle for position on dates, times and who’s coming. If and when we agree, endless googling ensues to find something to do. After all that, we still rely on individuals to remember the details and update their calendars (or the back of their hands). It’s manual, it’s tedious, and it’s crying out for disruption, now more than ever.

Enter Rumble, the all in one social calendar app we all need to re-launch our post-Covid social lives. With a sync-able calendar, in chat voting, integrated event list and some clever magic from our group date generator, it will never be easier to make, and keep, plans. A central hub for your social life.

Rumble is a company founded on the principle of using technology to bring us together, face to face not screen to screen. In this increasingly digital age, we believe in the value of real world interactions, laughing with our friends not sending crying face emojis.

Sure, we still enjoy that, but if this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that we’re stronger together than we are apart!

Rumble is launching towards the end of this year, sign up below to be one of the first to join the social revolution. More info can be found across our social platforms and website.

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